Australia skin care: Best way to protect his skin when we live in Australia

Australia skin care:One of the best places to live is down under. The food is great, the people are friendly and it has excellent all year weather. However, all this great weather and sun can also damage the skin if one is not careful. Excess exposure to sun can cause wrinkling, photo aging, discoloration, and changes skin texture. Individuals who have had long-term sun exposure generally appear a lot older than their stated age.

However, just because one lives in Australia does not mean one cannot have beautiful skin. To enjoy a youthful, great looking skin one should follow the basic rules to protect the skin.

We all have skin that is fragile and soft. Thus, it is important that one avoid use of harsh soaps and detergent to wash skin. Further, avoid use of soaps that contain a lot of artificial chemicals. Soaps that smell nice generally contain numerous artificial chemicals- many of which can induce skin rashes and itching. Further, excessive use of soap can also lead to skin dryness. Thus, if your skin appears dry after washing, apply a moisturizer on a regular basis.

Stop smoking. Smoking and intense exposure to sun are the leading cause of wrinkles and photo aged skin. One should quit smoking. Not only is smoking bad for skin, it is also harmful to the heart, lungs and many other organs in the body.

While there is no one particular diet that can actually maintain healthy skin, the best advice is to eat healthy. Your diet should be nutritious. Try eating more vegetables, fruits and avoid too much fat. There is no health supplement that can keep the skin supple and taut but there are some experts who recommend use of collagen based products.

Australian sun produces some of best-tanned bodies in the world. However, the tan also comes at a price- premature wrinkling. So if you want to look young and beautiful avoid too much sun exposure, Wear a hat, sunglasses, and garments that cover your arms and shoulders. Use sunscreens that protect you from both UVA and UVB light.

Extreme weather can also cause skin damage. Excess heat and humidity increases chances of skin irritation like acne. So if your skin is oily, avoid use of oil-based moisturizers. If your skin is dry, then try oil based moisturizers. Likewise, cold temperatures and dry air also damage the skin's protective barrier through increased moisture loss. Thus, when in environments where there is excessive use of AC, use a moisturizer.

Living in Australia does not mean that one has to age quickly. Learn the basic rules about skin care and you will have great looking skin without having to buy any expensive skin care products. Of course, wanting a beautiful skin does require dedication and motivation. However if you play to win, you will ensure yourself a younger and healthier looking skin for years to come.

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