Beginning bodybuilding

Most individuals look at an exercise magazine and are awed by the beautiful bronzed muscular bodies. Moreover, one of the biggest mistakes many beginners make is to think that they can have a great body in a short time. Bodybuilding requires a lot of effort, time, dedication motivation, and patience. The sport of bodybuilding is not a one shot deal; it is a time dependent process. What you put in- you will get out.

The first thing about bodybuilding for beginners is to have a realistic approach and go slow. Stuffing with your self with every type of health supplement and anabolic hormones will only make you fat. Forget all the hype about bodybuilding and remain focused on what you want. However, having said all that, bodybuilding is not complex, and everyone who makes an effort at the sport does develop great muscles.

The three basics of bodybuilding for the beginner include a decent weight training program, excellent nutrition, and consistency. One does not need to have the most expensive equipment. Most individuals can build the body at a home gym. For those who have money, a gym membership for a year or two may be worth it. The only problem with home gym is that you really do not have the variety of equipment and performing the same exercise can become dull and dry. At a gym, you are more likely to meet others with similar goals, get more advice on bodybuilding and will remain motivated.

For the beginner, exercising every day of the week will only result in fast burnout and dropout. Start 3-4 days a week or every other day. Set aside 1-2 hrs days when you are free from work and family. Remember muscle growth does not occur during actual exercise but when you are resting. You need to have time to allow the muscle to repair and grow. As you increase your exercise, you will definitely see an improvement in your muscle size. Do not make the mistake of working out for long hours. This will only tire you and damage your muscle- and you will also burn out quicker.

To start exercise, begin with two sets of each exercise with 10 repetitions and rest a few minutes in between each set. Over the next 2-3 weeks, move up to three sets and so on. Do aerobics and cardio for 30 mins on days off. The type of exercise the beginner should start off with include

75 Degree Incline DB Bench Press Dumbbell Pullovers and upright rows Bent over Lateral Raises  Dumbbell Squats and Curls  Overhead Triceps Extensions  Leg Extensions and lying Leg Curls  Calf Raises  All individual who want to build their bodies should understand that nutrition is vital. This means eating good nutritious food. In general, one needs to eat at least 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 20% fat. Avoid junk food and too much alcohol. For the beginner, home cooked meals are just as good as any other foods. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables will provide you with ample vitamins, mineral and trace elements. With regards to health supplement, there is no need for them as long as you eat decent foods. The field of nutrition and sports is bombarded with thousands of health supplements. The majority of these supplements are hogwash and do not do anything for your body- the best advice is to avoid them. All the energy drinks and protein calories are simply a waste of money. If you eat three solid meals a day, then a high calorie milk shake in-between meals is ample. The best high calorie milk shake that is cheap and taste great is a McDonalds’s shake. Finally, remember supplements are not a replacement for real food.

The best foods recommend for body building include beef, chicken turkey, sea food, milk, eggs, carbohydrates, oat meal, whole grain, nuts, pasta, whole wheat and bread.

There is no rule that one should eat three large meals a day- instead one can eat 4-6 small meals instead. Drink lots of water and get at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

So what about hormones? The world of sports has become contaminated with chemicals and hormones. Most hormones are illegal and if you get caught, you will be suspended. There is little doubt that hormones do help build the body but they are expensive and hard to come by. The majority of websites that sell hormones most likely sell fake products and counterfeits. Therefore, the best advice is to go the honest way.

For beginners, the chief factor that helps bodybuilding is consistency with good workouts and good nutrition. There are hundreds of routine exercises one can perform- many such exercise programs can be found on cyberspace. One can follow different workout routines, and ensure that all the muscles are being worked out. Never forget to warm up before each exercise. Keep a log of your activity, the types of exercises your weight, diet and perhaps some photos.

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