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Residual Fat after tummy tuck

I had a full tummy tuck about 3 months ago and thought my tummy still had alot of fluid in it. I went to my DR. yesterday and asked if he could drain it

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The Health Is Wealth

Health is The Greatest Gift Given to Mankind by God. If there is Good Health there is everything, money cannot buy you good health it can only be used

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Should I avoid mollasses while on Cumiden?

My cousin is taking this med. She was told by someone that she should stay away from molasses while on it. We have searched online for information and

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Wellness is What You Eat!

My elder sister, Melissa, was a chubby baby when she was born. I was the opposite – an underweight, premature baby. Everyone found her adorable and the

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Mother and patient

Five years ago, my oldest son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Asperger's Syndrome! My youngest son was premature and at the age of 2 developed

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The Best Way To Determine Which Air Purifier Is The Best For Your Home

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about purchasing an air purifier for your home. Unfortunately for me I initially went about this process the

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Everyone who exercises wants the perfect body. Some individuals exercise but never achieve the perfect body. One key reason for the failure to build a decent body is a lack of a proper diet.

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weight loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements:There are millions of individuals who would like to lose weight. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to weight loss. There are pharmaceutical drugs to help one lose weight

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loose belly fat

loose belly fat:Getting rid of belly fat is everyone’s goal. Fat around the waist is unattractive and does limit your options when wearing summer clothing

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