Drinking "juice and weight loss"

Everyone is preoccupied with weight loss these days. There are hundreds of diets recommended for weight loss but unfortunately, only a few work and the results are not consistent. In the last decade, there has been a lot of hype about drinking juice to manage weight. Juice mania first started in California and now has spread globally. Every week there is a new juice diet for weight loss. Every type of fruit has been crushed, filtered, pulped, squeezed, and drained and the juices have been marketed as a weight loss aid. There is no question that drinking freshly squeezed juice is good for health, but can juice help one lose weight?

Health care professionals do recommend that consumers eat several types of fruit or vegetables every day. However, most people cannot fulfill the 5-7 portions recommended so instead they drink juice. Manufacturers of different juice products claim that one can quickly fill the daily nutrient requirement by drinking juice all at once. Almost every fruit is rich in some type of vitamin, mineral, nutrient and trace elements. Juices also provide a decent amount of liquids to maintain hydration. There are countless combination of fruit juices that come in all types of packaging from bottles, cans, plastic bottle, cups, or plastic containers.

While any juice is a great drink, the consumer should try and drink freshly squeezed beverages. Commercialized preparations of juices are often heated or pasteurized and contain many artificial chemicals. During processing of juices, many vital enzymes and nutrients are also destroyed.

To get the best benefit from juices, one should buy their own fruits and make cocktails/juices at home.

Now the question remains- what is the best juice to drink for weight management. The answer to this question is difficult as there is no evidence that any one particular fruit juice is any better than the rest. Drinking mango, apple, orange, or pomegranate is strictly a personal choice. There is zero evidence that drinking acai berry juice is better than any other fruit juice.

Other food experts claim that vegetable juices are more beneficial than fruit juices. Vegetable juices contain similar nutrients and vitamins as fruit juices. In reality, there is no difference between drinking fruit or vegetable juices. The choice is strictly personal and perhaps fruit juices taste slightly better.

For the consumer who wants to manage weight, simply drinking juice to lose weight is not practical nor is it healthy. Juices do not provide adequate carbohydrate, fats, or proteins. Further, the hunger pangs still remain after drinking juices. There is no fruit juice that can completely suppress the appetite center in the brain and help you lose weight permanently. Even though there are many clinical studies which show that juices is good for health, losing weight by drinking juices alone has never been practical or efficient. Manufacturers of juices also hype up claims and falsely advertize health benefits of juices.

Drinking any type of juice is healthy but weight management is more complex. To lose weight, one has to eat healthy, stop smoking, and exercise regularly. There is no magic bullet for weight loss. To help lose weight, one has to remain motivated, dedicated and be persistent.

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