Mother and patient

Five years ago, my oldest son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Asperger's Syndrome! My youngest son was premature and at the age of 2 developed RSV which then turned to pneumonia. He did not respond well to the numerous doses of antibiotics. I took him to a biomedical specialist who ran numerous tests only to discover that he did not have pneumonia, he had C-Diff. THe tests also ndicated a genetic B12 deficiency. We now know that none of us have autism, but we are all B12 deficient. This was found only through an organic acids test and an optimium nutritional evaluation. We were very forrtunate to have found a medical doctor willing to listen and look. It has taken us 5 years to finally get a correct diagnosis. We are already feeling better. In the beginning my oldest son was asking for the B12 shot a day early and was extremely fatigued, until she shortened the dose schedule until she got his B12 levels up. If for any reason you believe you have a b12 deficiency, please insist that your doctor inveestigate B12, and if that dies not wirk find another doctor. Good luck and God Bless.

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