How to know the best Skin-protection-Products

There are so many skincare products that it is very difficult for the average consumer to know which one to buy. Almost every company makes exorbitant claims that its products are the best. Some skincare products come in fancy and exotic bottles, others have great fragrances, and yet others are very expensive. So how does the consumer know which one to buy?

The first thing prior to buying any skincare product(or skin-protection-products) is to ensure that it does not contain any harsh chemicals. Try and buy products that contain fewer chemicals. Skincare products that smell great usually contain many inorganic chemicals, which can in fact induce skin rashes and eczema. While one may buy organic skincare products, these are way too expensive and do not offer any greater protection from the sun. Go for a product that is bland, has less fragrance and which contains few inorganic chemicals.

If you plan on using a moisturizer, know what your skin type is beforehand. If you have oily skin, do not buy oil-based products-Buy waters soluble products. If your skin is dry, then oil-based products are fine.

We live in a world where manufacturers are always trying to sell harmful products. So learn to reads labels. Be a label shopper. Moreover, this applies particularly to skincare products. If there is a skincare product with hundreds of chemicals, omit it from your list. If there are names of chemicals that you cannot pronounce, this is not for you. If there are other chemicals you are not sure about, go online, and check up the chemical before you purchase the product.

Buy products from a reputable place; do not always think that cheaper is better. Many products from the Orient have counterfeit and fake labels. Addition of harmful chemicals to skincare products is nothing new. Check to see if the label has a signed CSC agreement by the manufacturers. The best skincare products are generally made by companies that have signed CSC compact for global production of safe health and beauty products.

Should one buy brand names with famous names? Definitely not. Many big name skincare companies have their products made in china and thus, there is no guarantee that the product will be safe. These companies are into making money and so safety is not always a top priority. Further, many of these famous brand name companies do not sign the CSC agreement- this is a warning that while the label is famous the contents inside are not always safe. Buying expensive products does not mean you will get the most benefit. In fact as a moisturizer, baby oil is still on top of the list and works great.

If you are not sure of a product, get a sample or buy a small vial. Try the product first before you buy a dozen jars. While cyberspace offers great deals on skincare products, one always has to be weary of fakes. So before you buy a skincare product, talk to people, surf the web, ask questions and if in doubt, get a second opinion.

Buyer beware is an adage which is synonymous with skincare products.