Weight loss Supplements

There are millions of individuals who would like to lose weight. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to weight loss. There are pharmaceutical drugs to help one lose weight, but all of the drugs(Weight loss Supplements) available have serious side effects, many times the drugs do not work, and are prohibitively expensive. Surgery for weight loss is fraught with complications and results are not always consistent. Surgery is also very expensive. For this reason, many consumers have been turning to over the counter weight loss supplements. The big question is, “are these Weight loss supplements safe and do they work?”

First the fact, there are hundreds of health supplements touted to help one lose weight. In almost all cases, the supplements are useless and only empty your pockets.

Some of the more popular weight loss supplements that are hyped up to reduce weight include:

Bitter orange: the vendors of this Weight loss supplement claim that the pill helps burn fat fast and is very similar to ephedra. One should be aware that bitter orange can cause the same problems as ephedra including mental confusion, high blood pressure, heart attacks, tremors and paranoia. The long terms effects of ingesting bitter orange remain unknown. Chitosan is a supplement that can block absorption of ingested fat. The supplement is relatively safe but does not cause weight loss. Further, the supplement can cause abdominal cramps, bloating, nausea, and sometimes diarrhea.

For some unknown reason some vendors are marketing chromium as a weight loss supplement. There are no studies to show that chromium can help one reduce body fat but there are a lot of anecdotal reports on cyberspace. In reality, chromium does not cause weight loss and excess doses can lead to toxicity. Unsaturated fatty acids have been touted to cure many medical disorders and now manufacturers of these supplements claim that they can also reduce body fat and diminish appetite. So far, no clinical study has demonstrated that unsaturated fatty acids can reduce body weight. Side effects of excess ingestion of fatty acids include diarrhea, bloating, and nausea. The supplement country mallow (heart leaf) can decrease appetite but is known to contain ephedra and can cause severe side effects. It is best avoided. Ephedra can decrease appetite but is known to cause fast heart rate, increase blood pressure, seizures, heart attacks, and even death. The supplement is now banned from most health food stores. Despite the ephedra ban, it is still widely available and sold under different names.

Green tea extracts are clamed to cure everything underneath the sun including reducing weight. Green tea extracts do contain tannins and some caffeine, but otherwise do diddlysquat. Guar gum is claimed to reduce fat absorption and decrease calorie intake. The supplement can cause severe diarrhea/constipation, bloating and excessive gas. If not taken with lots of water, it can cause bowel obstruction. Hoodia has been widely marketed as an agent for weight loss. Only anecdotal reports exist of its efficacy. There is no clinical evidence that it helps one reduce weight. Not one scientific study to date has shown that Hoodia can reduce weight as claimed by vendors of this supplement.

There are hundreds more supplements that are said to reduce weight. In reality, the field of supplements is fraught with scams, fakes, and counterfeit products. Today, there is no proof that any decent supplement exists which can help one lose weight.

Recently, FDA approved the use of Alli which can help one reduce weight. Alli can be bought over the counter and can help one reduce at least 10-12 pounds over 3 months. It acts by preventing fat absorption. The capsule is taken three times a day for about 3 months. Unfortunately, alli only appears to work in about 30% of individuals- the cost of alli is also not cheap. The latest news on alli is that it may cause liver damage and the FDA is investigating.

The world of weight loss is full of false promises and illusive cures. For individuals who would like to lose weight, there is no magic bullet to help reduce weight. The only sure way is to eat less and walk more. This may sound harsh and not glamorous, but it always works.

'Health is wealth' and with poor health, you'd lose all your wealth. So begin today to live a healthy life to save and enjoy your wealth. “You are what you eat” it is often said. That’s why our focus is to help you find the right products for you.

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