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Sports nutrition products help you prepare for a workout, maintain optimal performance, and speed recovery after vigorous exertion. Our nutrition product s are not just for athletes, either –even average gym member or co-worker running every weekend can reap the benefits from proper nutrition, too.We have a variety of energy bar with the right balance of carbs and protein for a sustained workout. Our C-Lenium Blend provides antioxidant protection from harmful free radicals generated by exercise.

Do you want to boost your energy your focus - and possibly shorten recovery time? We will help you get more than 100% out of life. Do you know that by boosting your energy, you can improve your focus? We will also help you to reduce your stress with the help of just some dietary supplement

What’s in our Rhodiola that helps you increase mental and physical performance … and shorten your body’s recovery time? The central ingredient is rhodiola rosea, an Arctic herb used as an all–purpose adaptogenic tonic since ancient times. More recently, Russian scientists have studied its ability to enhance performance and reduce stress. The rhodiola I will find for you also contains natural caffeine from green tea extract that, combined with rhodiola rosea, may promote more vigorous workouts.


A large variety of drink, (Antioxidant Enhanced Drink) scientifically formulated to help REHYDRATE your body before, during, and after exercise. We will show you a quick way to turn your water into a great-tasting, low-calorie, replenishing experience. Contains Red Orange Complex and other antioxidants that fight oxidative stress.

When water tastes good, you’ll drink more, helping you stay better hydrated. Plus, for active lifestyles, Red Orange Complex has been shown in clinical studies to combat increased free radical damage brought on by physical activity.


We provide Whey Protein Powder ideal for weightlifters, endurance athletes, and people who want to build muscle, because it is a fast-digesting protein that the body uses quickly to build and repair muscle.

Whey protein helps your body immediately build and rebuild muscle after exercise, while plant-derived digestive enzymes help your body process protein more efficiently. Whey Protein Powder comes in convenient, portable pouches with 25 g of whey protein in each serving. This protein powder has delicious chocolate flavor and contains C-Lenium Blend, which provides antioxidant protection from harmful free radicals generated by intense exercise.

People interested in shaping up, from beginners to bodybuilders, our help reduce fat and promote lean muscle retention. This formula contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an essential fatty acid derived from safflower oil.


When you can't or don't eat all the ocean fish you should, you can still get Omega-3 benefits with Joint Health. One daily serving provides the Omega-3's found in 3.75 oz of ocean fish.

With the added joint freedom you’ll experience with our Glucosamine, you’ll be moving more – so you’ll want to fight the free radicals generated by exercise with added antioxidants. Our Glucosamine has 60 mg of vitamin C to help you do just that!

Daily Nutrition

Just eating right everyday and a big part of your daily nutrition is done. We will provide you with twenty+ essential vitamins and minerals and 20 plant concentrates - for proven protection and unbeatable health benefits. This Multivitamin delivers power-packed levels of essential vitamins and minerals, with natural plant concentrates that deliver broader antioxidant protection and unbeatable health benefits. It also helps unlock energy stores.

Our daily Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient offers you a powerful balance of vitamin, mineral, and natural plant concentrate protection. It delivers benefits you can count on, like natural energy. And it helps with DNA stability, stimulation of protective liver enzyme activity, and heart, skin, bone, and eye health.

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'Health is wealth' and with poor health you'd loose all your wealth. So begin today to live a healthy life to save and enjoy your wealth. “You are what you eat” it is often said. That’s why our focus is to help you find the right products for you.

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